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Using AutoIt with an application developed with PowerBuilder


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I am new to AutoIt. I am trying to determine if it can be used with a Windows application devleoped with PowerBuilder 11. The application be tested is a 32-bit Windows application

I tried some simple tests where I used AutoIt Au3 Record to record a launch of my application and followed with some simple menu and screen selections. The recorded script is included below. Note: I excluded the Internal functions section at the beginning of the script.

When I run the script, it successfully launches the application and the logon dialog works, but when accessing the main menu and subsequent screens, nothing happens. I can see the mouse pointer move and menu items get selected but no screens appear. Most of the screen and button selections only show as Mouseclicks in the recorded script. I can see the title info for a few of the screens that I had selected, but some just show up as MouseClick.

I searched the forum and found very little information concerning PowerBuilder. I am not sure if AutoIt is compatible and/or if I need to specify any includes, directives, libraries, dlls or maybe change configuration settings in the AutoIt options. I could not find anything that was obvious.

I appreciate any suggestions that can be provided.



_WinWaitActivate("Options               **** DEVELOPMENT DB ****","")
_WinWaitActivate("Options - Assessment","")
_WinWaitActivate("Options               **** DEVELOPMENT DB ****","")
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Welcome to the forum.

I don't know anything about PowerBuilder, but if you are talking about an executable created with it, then just treat it as any other Windows executable, with the PowerBuilder element not being important (presumably).

Have you tried using the Window Info Tool that comes with the AutoIt install?

You might be able to use ControlClick?

I've never used AutoIt Au3 Record.

So I'm presuming it has created the _WinWaitActivate function. It is not in my latest copy of the Help file.

I would rewrite the whole thing and use WinWaitActive

I'd also use WinActive to test if a window is active, plus WinActivate to make active before you send anything.

Using mouse clicks can be tricky.

I would cut your code right back (comment out most of it) and test in stages using what I suggested above.

It may be, that you cannot interact using mouse clicks, which may be due to something PowerBuilder has done?

If the Window Info Tool can see controls and values etc, you should be ok.

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