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Help with MouseMove not working

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Hello AutoIT Forums,

I am fairly new to AutoIT and to the Forums.  I did some searching here and with Google and have not been able to solve this problem so I was hoping that you all could help.  I am trying to create an AutoIT script that will rebuild the Windows Index and I just can not seem to get the second mouse click to work.

The first MouseClick works just fine.  After the "Advanced Options" window opens the second MouseClick / MouseMove will not work

AutoItSetOption("MouseCoordMode", 0)
Run('control /name Microsoft.IndexingOptions')

WinWaitActive("Indexing Options","")
MouseClick("primary", 225, 450, 1, 5)


#MsgBox(0, "found", "found the Rebuild text")

#MouseClick("primary", 508, 408, 1, 5)

Thanks any help / suggestions would be appreciated.


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I sugges To use Keyboard instade of using mouse due the difference of resoluation that  migh change form computer to another

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Not tested, but it may be because the advanced menu is behind a security wall (notice the shield symbol). Have you tried adding #RequireAdmin on the top of your script to make sure it attains admin rights?

Also, syntax is right, though using keyboard keystroke sending instead of the mouse is still one of the least desirable ways to control a gui. If you want to go through the GUI at all (instead of directly to the registry, for instance, or maybe some built-in dll that I don't know of, but it may be worth the research), a better option is to identify the buttons individually (use the Tool of Tools "Au3Info", ctrl+F6 in scite4autoit).

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