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Help with obfuscator needed

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I need to see which line number corresponds to an error in my script. Looking at multiple threads I find that this can be done with obfuscator options.

I am using version

I set the following in the script:


Then I press F7 to compile.

The console shows "Running Obfuscator (  from:C:Program Files (x86)AutoIt3SciTEObfuscator cmdline:"

Then the error comes, both in console and in a popup. The error that pops up is :

"Can't open file C:Program Files (x86)AutoIt3SciTEObfuscatorObfuscator.Log"

It can be seen in the error that the path to the logfile is the problem (it has "" where "" should be) but I don't know where to set this, I am searching for this in the AutoIT folder

Then if I try to continue anyway I get an error like : "Error : couldn't open input file: E:<folder><folder>Working_SourcesnewSetBackupDrive_Obfuscated.au3".

So of course aut2exe can't compile anything because nothing is created. I'm looking in Autoit3wrapper.au3 and I think the issue is in the $ObfuscatorCmdLine but I can't find where that gets created?

Anyone know how I can fix this? It happens if I comment out the wrapper setting to use x64 too.

(Edit: if I run obfuscator from the command line, the same error comes - "Can't open file C:Program Files (x86)AutoIt3SciTEObfuscatorObfuscator.Log")

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Are you sure you have write access to the log file?

Maybe you should upgrade to the newer setup with au3strpper which isnlt using the " program files" directory anymore for its user files and logs.


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Oops! Access to the logfile folder was it - I uninstalled and reinstalled AutoIT to a different folder, now it works, thank you.

At the moment I have to stick to until I have time to migrate.

Thanks, Jos!

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Hmmm, still did not work. I will load the latest AutoIT on a different system and see what I can do there with au3strpper to find my error. I'll make a separate post if I get stuck instead of trying to support a deprecated functionality. :-)

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