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facebook api

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hello has any one use autoit to log in to websites and collect infor from databases and update info

i want to build a bot witch i can use to log into facebook udate my status ect... i want to collect infor from my users database

has any one got some sample code for me to play with

thank you


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its this possibal

can i create a html page

where i can edit the page with autoit 3 like a file hidden

change security key and token for each user on a set line , ill change complete line for ease of edit one line in html will do it i think

open the html page hidden

all data will be shown in arrays not as facebook displays it

save to file

this could allow autoit 3 to connect to facebook via api key

any help with the code would be fantastic help me extract one list of arrays and when ive finished all of facebook api commands ill post for all to share

this will work

i just need a little help and i no loads have been wondering how to do it

so together it should be easy


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This all seems kinda sketchy but I'd say your first move would be to write a script that goes to the page,views the source code and it would be up to you to decipher what was what. Copy the source to a file then have the bot reading it looking for certain strings. It may be possible to read it right from the page. Either way the copy and subsequent file write wouldn't take long as it's not thousands and thousands of lines but it could be.

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im kinda on that righ now

im gonna use a invissibal .html page using javascript tags<script></script> to call the api hopfully ,

i belive you have to activate the api command via an invissibal button or most servers wont retrive the answer

now im gonna have to go an a html forum because i can't get the <a href ><script>js content here</script></a> js script to run inside the a href link

unless some one here no how to fix that

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step 1

create a .html page and ad the button to activate the javascript

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

function jsconnect()

put js content here


<FORM name="facebook api task 1">
    <INPUT NAME="trigger" TYPE="button" VALUE="go go javascript" onClick="jsconnect()">


now ill find a test api command to hit onclick

ready for step 2

sorry for not using autoit 3 code from step one but for this to work i have to use htm / java / autoit 3

please feel free to help me out thanks


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lol i had and have and was in the process lol

no i carnt use php has you can not run php in the back of windows hidden it has to be html or htm

im figuring out how to add the script snippet to the html

then i build the bot with auto3

this is going to be a windows exe progam not a web site

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lol you get from there the GET/POST commands

For collecting the users intel just use jquery :D


Not sure if bots are allowed on autoit forums...

Heroes, there is no such thing

One day I'll discover what IE.au3 has of special for so many users using it.
C'mon there's InetRead and WinHTTP, way better

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im building a exe program not a bot thanks for your time

i was after group help im not in no rush

im building a program where autoit 3 can connect to databases with secret token and key

this isent somthing thats out for the public with autoit

if i carnt find it and i can build it and i was willing to share it along the way ,

why try an kill my topic off

infact you probaly

good nite

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Pardon me rlen, but your English is a bit hard to interpret for clarity. In the beginning you mention building a bot, now you say Windows executable. And you mention making Facebook status update with AutoIt (automating manual user action on a website via AutoIt), that makes sense. Then something about collect info from user database. What info? What database?

You want to automate actions on Facebook page, capture the result of what Facebook displays on the page as a result of that action, and then save/log the result to your own local/private database? Is that it? If not it would help if you can clarify that better in English or whatever, or maybe in your native language and maybe that can be run through Google translate.

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