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Interacting with Acrobat "Convert to PDF" in IE10

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following, or at the very least let me know it's not possible.

Goal: automate saving a web page as PDF via Acrobat's (9) "Convert to PDF" addon in IE10.

I have a script that automagically opens IE10 and browses to various pages, and I can get the window handle for the opened IE10 window.  I can send the print command to print to PDF, but the formatting and data saved in the PDF using this method is not as good as using Acrobat's convert method.


-I can't get AutoIt to click the "Convert" button on the IE10 toolbar (I'm pretty sure this isn't possible).  I have sent clicks to an x,y location within the specific control, but the click function returns "false".

-I can't access the convert option with keyboard shortcuts


Is there maybe a way to make IE10 activate the Adobe .dll that opens the Save dialogue for converting PDFs?  I really don't know how IE10 accesses the convert option, but I assumed it was but accessing some Adobe .dll.

I rally have no  idea how .dll files work, haha.  I tried copying the Adobe AcroIEFavClient.dll to the IE10 program folder and renaming it iedvtool.dll to see if I could force the IE10 developer tools keyboard shortcut to access the convert option.  Yeah, that didn't work, probably for a whole bunch of reasons and it probably wasn't a good idea to go mucking about in the Programs directory...

Anywho, all help is greatly appreciated!  Another possible solution would be to create a new IE10 keyboard shortcut for the convert option, but I haven't been able to find how to do this.  I have also tried working with Chrome (the "save as PDF" option from the "print" dialogue works great), but I can't find how to browse to a new website once Chrome is launched.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Edit:  here's the control info for the Convert button:

>>>> Control <<<<
Class: ToolbarWindow32
Instance: 10
ClassnameNN: ToolbarWindow3210
Advanced (Class): [CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:10]
Position: 854, 55
Size: 154, 26
ControlClick Coords: 32, 16
Style: 0x56009941
ExStyle: 0x00000000
Handle: 0x001704C0
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