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Stringregexp headach

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Thx for all the suggestions

As i already stated once, I only know for sure that the string will always contain one "-", and as you all stated there is not enough info to get this work correct

I ditched the regexp method and looked for another way to get the info needed.

An friend asked me to do a database for him and his friends over books the have read, are reading on wants to read.

So I was trying to get the Title and author of ebooks, so I did some research on ebooks and found that is an uncompressed zip file that contains an xml metadata file in witch the data I need is present, so now I just open the .epub file and read the info directly from the xml file :D

And if my friend had told me that earlier my headac wouldn't had been so bad :mad2:

Again many thanks for all the inputs :huggles:



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So, you need an Author dictionary, as i said; or look for a better sourceĀ  :P

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My english shucks, i know it.

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