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SystemPowerDown like scheduler

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Hi there,

i just did some little programming here and i don't know if it's usefull at all. Just did it because of some idiots at my company that keep their PC going through the whole night. Well that wouldn't be so bad if they wouldn't stay in some progs where i want to do updates so i can't. Eventually the rooms are locked then and i can't go in, so here comes my prog. Just shuts down the PC at 8pm.

Don't know if anyone needs but i post it here.


HotKeySet ("!+P", "disabletoday")

$lang = iniread ("lang.ini", "Language", @OSLang, "");checks the language
if $lang = "" Then;checks if language is supported
    $lang = "English";sets default to english

$title = IniRead ("lang.ini", $lang, "title", "");sets title
$message = IniRead ("lang.ini", $lang, "message", "");sets message

    if @hour = 17 Then;if it's past 5pm sends message
        msgbox (0, $title, $message, 180);3min timer
    if @hour = 20 Then;if it's past 8pm shuts and powers down
        Shutdown (9);shutdown + powerdown
    sleep (600000)
until 1 = 2

func disabletoday()
        sleep (600000);sleeps until 9pm
    until @HOUR = 21

If someone needs it and want his language included plz send me the new ini-file.

And plz tell me if it works.


Seems like I haven't uploaded the ini-file. Did this now!

Both files in the zip-file ---i hope.


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