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I think I may know the answer to this but figure I will ask just in case there is a way around it


I am navigating to a page where I need to input a path to a file.  I have gone through the process to get to the final page but I can't get the file name in the box.  At the very end I get a browser "securuty" error.  

What I think is tripping me up is this


The document box is grayed out......if I am doing this manually I have to browse to the file.  Assuming it is this that is tripping me up is there a way around it?


here is what I get from the debugger

0061: 0-0: Local $form4 = _IEFormGetObjByName($oIE,"docEntry") ;
0062: 0-1: Local $filebox = _IEFormElementGetObjByName($form4, "attachedDoc")
0063: 0-1: _IEFormElementSetValue($Filebox, "c:xxx.xls")
--> IE.au3 T3.0-1 Error from function _IEFormElementSetValue, $_IESTATUS_InvalidObjectType (Browser securuty prevents SetValue of TYPE=FILE)
0067: 4-1: Exit

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You can always click the 'browse' button, and interact with the window that comes up.  Let the website populate the element.

Make sure you perform the _IeAction(,"click") on a second process, or focus and the send {Enter}, else your script will be deadlocked until the 'file explorer' window is closed manually.

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