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Preventing disappearance of cursor on touch screens

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Hello, i'd like to ask how i can prevent the disappearance of cursor on touch screens-it's like if you don't touch it for 2-3 secs it disappears until you touch again. I want to prevent tthat, if it's possible.(I'm going to use it for a script that lets the user note on screen like a pen) Thank you

P.S : if it's possible, it would only work when script is the active window

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I used to use a script that would move the mouse cursor 1px left and then 1px right every 3 minutes to prevent the monitor from sleeping.  Something like that may just work for you as well.

As for only being active with the window active.  

I would try If WinActive() and put it in a loop.

If the scipt itself is the window, create an Autoit GUI window.

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