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Rahul Rohela

VBscript to AutoIT

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Please guide how we can convert below mentioned part of script to AUTOIt.

Sub ProcessOptions

Set MyForm = document.dbx

If MyForm.DisplayAll.Checked Then DisplayAll= MyForm.DisplayAll.Value

If MyForm.DisplayEthernet.Checked Then DisplayEthernet= MyForm.DisplayEthernet.Value

If MyForm.VersionN.Checked Then VersionN= MyForm.VersionN.Value

If MyForm.TermiNate.Checked Then TermiNate= MyForm.TermiNate.Value

If MyForm.UseNumeric.Checked Then UseNumeric = MyForm.UseNumeric.Value

If MyForm.ByProtocol.Checked Then ByProtocol = MyForm.ByProtocol.Value

If MyForm.IncludePID.Checked Then IncludePID = MyForm.IncludePID.Value

If MyForm.PCName.Checked Then

PCname = MyForm.PCName.Value

PCid= MyForm.PCid.Value & " "

End If

If MyForm.UserName.Checked Then

UserName = MyForm.UserName.Value

UserID= MyForm.UserID.Value & " "

End If

If MyForm.UPwd.Checked Then

UPwd = MyForm.UPwd.Value

PassWd= MyForm.PassWd.Value & " "

End If

If MyForm.AppFile.Checked Then AppFile= MyForm.AppFile.Value

If MyForm.AppFile.Checked Then

AppFile = MyForm.AppFile.Value

FileIn= MyForm.FileIn.Value & " "

End If

If MyForm.ShowConnections.Checked Then

ShowConnections = MyForm.ShowConnections.Value

ConProtocol= MyForm.ConProtocol.Value & " "

End If

If MyForm.Pause.Checked Then Interval = MyForm.Interval.Value & " "

Call RunCommand

End Sub 'ProcessOptions

Sub RunCommand

Param1 = DisplayAll & DisplayEthernet & UseNumeric & ByProtocol & IncludePID & ShowConnections & ConProtocol & Interval & PCName & PCid & UserName & UserID & UPwd & PassWd & VersionN & TermiNate & AppFile & FileIn

Thanks in advance..

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