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Knowledgeable people...simple help?

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Hey I know this is simple but maybe I am simple too, never used V2 and V3 seems to much like VB and I have never scripted.

All I need is for a script to click on my start button,slect the run menu,type in a path to a directory to open it, then simply close it.

Im ok with the sending the path to the window and entering it :

Send, c:\\windows\\fonts

Send, {ENTER}

But how do I get to teh run menu in the first place and then close the window at the end.

I hold my head in shame. Many thanks


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Version 2 syntax:


WinWait, Run

Send, c:\\windows\\fonts{ENTER}

Version 2 alternative:

Run, explorer c:\\windows\\fonts

Version 3 syntax:




Version 3 alternative:

Run("explorer C:\Windows\fonts")

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To the OP:

While the syntax of V3 is similar in most respects to VB, I would suggest trying it. I find it EASIER to code in V3 than VB and I can do MORE since COM was added in the beta. V2 syntax just looks .... odd to me, but that's my preference. Either way, welcome to AutoIt.

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