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DirCopy not working as intended

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Hello all,

Trying to do a simple directory copy and DirCopy is NOT copying the folder structure underneath the folder I am copying.

DirCopy("D:\Documents and Settings\jermaid\My Documents", "C:\testcopy", 1)

When I run this, it only copies the files from the root of My Documents but not the folders in the My Documents folder. I have a strange feeling that I am missing something real simple here. Would someone slap me into reality and tell me what I am doing wrong?



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What version of AutoIt and Windows?

-You might want to check the return value.

-You might try doing a copy and paste in explorer. If explorer thinks some file is "in use"--usually due to some invalid locking handle--then the copy might abort.

$source = "D:\Documents and Settings\jermaid\My Documents"
$destination = "C:\testcopy"

$result = DirCopy($source, $destination, 1);1==overwrite

MsgBox(4096,"Result", $result)

DirCopy worked for me as expected on on WinXP Pro sp2

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Okay since both AutoIt & XCOPY encountered problems (while explorer did not) this is the command that finally worked for me

Runwait(@ComSpec & " /c " & "xcopy " & '"' & $source & '"' & ' "' & $destination & '"' & " /E /C")

I know I can also hide the window but i'd rather leave it up to show that it's working (that whole progress bar still boggles my mind!!!)

Now on a complete side note, how do you change the color of the DOS window that pops up? I know the COLOR command does it but how do you pass it on to the window before you run XCOPY?

thanks for your help!


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I know the COLOR command does it but how do you pass it on to the window before you run XCOPY?

CMD.EXE recognizes the ampersand character to run commands sequentially.

You can also use && to only run the following command if the first succeeds, || to run only if the first fails.

Try this:

Run(@ComSpec & ' /c color 2e & xcopy "'' & $source & ' "' & $destination & '" /E /C')

btw, I haven't had any issues at all with DirCopy().

Edit: You can also pass the /T:xx parameter to CMD.exe instead of using COLOR.

This parameter and the Ampersand syntax will not work in 9x, which use command.com.

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