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is it possible to make a script that scrolls down the internet explorer window a certain amount, and clicks a link on the screen, or something more reliable. anything to amke it click a link for me?

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I'm sure there's a more efficient way, but this works:

Just open the IE window (in the example I just opened google.com), and follow the script below (adjust as necessary)

Send("^f")  ;open Find dialogue
WinWaitActive("Find")  ;wait for it to open
Send("froogle{Enter}")  ;find what you're looking for
Sleep(500)  ;get some coffee
Send("{Esc}")  ;close Find window
Send("{Tab}")  ;selects the found text so you can "click" it
Send("{Enter}")  ;open the selected link
Like I said, I'm sure there's a MUCH better (and reliable) way of doing it (try checking out IE.au3 I think it is. I haven't looked at it since I haven't had a need yet, but I hear it does a lot), but this works at least. Good luck.

Edit: just added comments, that's all.

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