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Okay, I just downloaded autoit. I'm a light programmer, but mostly networking and phonesystem speciallist. I love what I've seen so far of autoit, and I'm definately going to donate to the maker. However I've looked through the help, and I haven't found how to deal with the results of a msgbox. so say I use...

MsgBox(4, "whatever", "Do you want to install?")

How do I interperet the results. The help file has what the result codes are, but no example of using the result code. So if I wanted to do something like if result = 6 then continue, else end. How would I do that, what would the sytax look like?

Thank you everyone in advance, and I'm sorry if I duplicated a previous post, but I couldn't find it.


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$ans = MsgBox(3, "AutoIt", "Yes - No - Cancel")

If $ans = 6 Then $var = "YES" ;yes

If $ans = 7 Then $var = "NO" ;no

If $ans = 2 Then Exit ;cancel

MsgBox(0, "AutoIt",$ans)

Edit: like I had a chance...

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I'm a personal fan of Select over If Then statements, so taking herewasplato's example:

$ans = MsgBox(3,"AutoIt","Yes - No - Cancel")
    Case $ans = 6
        $var = "YES"
    Case $ans = 7
        $var = "NO"
    Case $ans = 2
They both work though.
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Apologies for hijacking the thread, but W0uter, can you explain Switch to me (or perhaps send me a PM explaining it)? I tried to look it up in the Help file, but couldn't find it. Is it the same syntax as Select (Switch, Case, Case, Case Else, EndSwitch)?

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switch is BETA only.

your code is 130 chars (w/o spaces)

with switch it could be 110 chars

also switch is a bit faster.

Switch MsgBox(3, "AutoIt", "Yes - No - Cancel")
    Case 6
        $var = "YES"
    Case 7
        $var = "NO"
    Case 2
MsgBox(0, "AutoIt", $ans)
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