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Get only the filename from a path

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First of all, if there is a post about this please gimme the link and dont say "Use search you n00b!". I used the search, it returned like 36 pages, went through first 2 and did't find anything... thx :P


Ok heres my question:

Is there a way to get only the filename in a path ;)?

So, lets say my path is: "C:\somefolder\somefile.txt"

And i want autoit to return: "somefile.txt"

I looked at the several string**** functions, but didn't find anything that worked :"> .

I thought StringInStr would work so i get the position where the filename starts and then use one of the trim commands. But for the StringInStr i need some kind of a placeholder, one for "*" (undefined amount of characters) and one for the end of the string.

Any solutions for this?? Would greatly appreciate it!

tdlrali (Felix)

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Thanx :P

Was too easy! ^^

+10 points honor for JdeB ;)


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