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_Ftp_FileGet non download file .zip

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Good evening, I have a routine to download files from a website in FTP, which works fine with all files except files with the extension .ZIP.
Is there a particular reason that does not work with these types of files?
I enclose an excerpt of the routine, which again works with all other files

About pitesse help would be welcome.

Thank You

_FTP_FileGet($connessione, "/out/BACKORD.Csv", $Pc & "Backorder.Csv") ; OK
_FTP_FileGet($connessione, "/out/FSRIVAL.txt", $Pc & "FSRIVAL.txt") ;   OK
_FTP_FileGet($connessione, "/out/COC_C1.txt", $Pc & "COC_C1.txt") ; OK
_FTP_FileGet($connessione, "/out/Catalogo.Zip", $Pc & "Catalogo.Zip") ; OK
;_FTP_FileGet($connessione, "/out/PRODOTTI.ZIP", $Pc & "PRODOTTI.ZIP") ; OK

_FTP_FileGet($connessione, "/public/CAT_EDIEL.txt", $Pc & "CAT_EDIEL.txt") ;  OK
_FTP_FileGet($connessione, "/public/CAT_EDIEL.ZIP", $Pc & "CAT_EDIEL.ZIP") ;  KO
_FTP_FileGet($connessione, "/public/PRODOTTI.ZIP", $Pc & "PRODOTTI.ZIP") ; KO

Thank You



I am translate with Google.

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