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NPTR by TK_Incorperate

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This script was enspired by someone here at the forums who has requested it, its very simple and easy to config.

What it does is opens notepad, finds the text you chose, and replaces it with the text you chose, and repeats it until you either pause it (part of the script) or completely terminate it (also part of it), i've found this VERY helpfull at times, specialy when you have a HUGE text with tons of stuff miss-placed/spelled or just stuff you want to be replaced with other stuff completely


; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Notepad Text Replacer
; Author:        TK_Incorperate <TK_Incorperate@yahoo.com>
; Script Function:
;   Replaces the character(s) in witch you chose, with other character(s) that you chose in notepad
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

WinActivate("###### - Notepad", "");Replace the ###### with your file name

HotKeySet("q", "Terminate");Completely stops replacing by pressing Q
HotKeySet("w", "Pause");Pauses the replacing untill you press W again
dim $Paused = 0

While 1
    TrayTip("Currently", "Replacing", 10)
        Send("####");Replace the #### with the text you wish to find
        Send("####");Replace the #### with the text you wish to replace the first text with
            Sleep(3000);I perfer keeping this at 3 seconds, but you can change to your likings

Func Terminate()
    Exit 0

Func Pause()
    $Paused = NOT $Paused
    HotKeySet("w", "UnPause")
    TrayTip("Currently", "Paused", 10)
    While $Paused
    TrayTip("Currently", "Paused", 10)

Func UnPause()
    $Paused = NOT $Paused
    HotKeySet("w", "Pause")
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