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Setting the windows clock

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I don't know your answer.... bt maybe this could give some insight

Start button clock


AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)

Global $ExitScript
HotKeySet("^!x", "ExitScript");CTRL+ALT+X

For $i = 0 To 43200
If @HOUR <= 11 Then
  $Hour = @HOUR
ElseIf @HOUR > 12 Then
  $Hour = String(@HOUR - 12)
ElseIf @HOUR = 12 Then
  $Hour = String(@HOUR)
ElseIf @HOUR = 00 Then
  $Hour = "12"

$Time = $Hour & ":" & @MIN

ControlSetText("classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", "Button1", $Time)
Sleep(30 * 1000)

Func ExitScript()




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@ w0uter: I think it is working, but the time is refreshing faster than we can tell.

Opt ("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
ControlSetText('classname=Shell_TrayWnd', '', 'TrayClockWClass1', 'test')
MsgBox(0, "Current", ControlGetText('classname=Shell_TrayWnd', '', 'TrayClockWClass1'))

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