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Forum Upgraded to IPB 3.4.7 and DB issues fixed

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The forum has been upgraded to IPB 3.4.7 which is just backend exploit/security fixes so there shouldn't be any visible changes that I know of. I've also fixed a number of database issues that would prevent a future upgrade to IPB 4 which is currently in the release candidate stage. Basically, the collation type of this forum was using utf_general_ci and IPB 4 will enforce utf8_unicode_ci.  Not a major difference but there were inconsistencies in database, table and column types in many places that needed fixing. When this forum was first created (IPB 1.2!) it was in latin1 and over the years it's gone through various upgrades and transitions to utf8 - I've just made sure everything is clean ready for any future upgrades.

I'll be installing the release candidate of IPB 4 as a test forum on this site. I'll probably need help testing (especially the nightmare that will be getting autoit code tags working) so watch out for posts in the dev forum about that.

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