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ControlListView on SysListView321

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I have a program (that seems to be written in a standard way) that has some Edit, ComboBox and one SysListView321 that contains some text.

Like this:

Posted Image

I want to get lines of the text in the SysListView321, so I write:

$item = ControlListView('Lightwave - AutoBench', "", 'SysListView321', "GetSelected")
MsgBox(0, "", ControlListView('Lightwave - AutoBench', "", 'SysListView321', "GetText", $item) )

but I get only an empty string.

Also the selection was made manually with the mouse.

If I do something like this:

ControlListView('Lightwave', '', 'SysListView321', 'Select', $renderRow)
ControlListView('Lightwave - AutoBench', "", 'SysListView321', "SelectAll" )

they give always '1', but the @error is 0.

I don't know what is wrong here, so PLEASE Help me.

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What kind of result is sent into the $item variable? Does it vary with different item selections or is it even being initially set to a useful value?

Edit: Variable typo.

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No, I see the ClassName, and other parameters and the text in the wxWindowClass1 under 'Visible Window Text'.

Do you mean I should see the content of a listview in the Autoit Window Info?

Because also in other listviews like that of Explorer I see nothing of the lists.


I found out what it seemed the problem:

This program has a 'submit' Yes - No option. I made my tests with No-submit. Now while I was reading your post, I made, for error, a test with submit-Yes and now it seems to work!

So it seems a problem of this program not exposing text correctly when it is in submit-'no', but I see text on screen and I can maually select it...

Anyway thank you, now I have the problem of blocking the data sent to internet from this program. Any hint? Or maybe it is better to start a new thread?

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