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Autoit-gui Clock On Combo

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Does somebody understand why selecting an item in a combo list does not Notify

That's working for listbox but not for combobox.

GUICreate("My GUI"); will create a dialog box that when displayed is centered

$ref=GUISetControl("combo", "", 10,10)
GuiSetControlData(-1,"Trids|CyberSlug|Larry|*Jon|Tylo"); default Jon
GuiSetControl("button", "OK",10, 50)
    While GuiMsg () > 0      ; will display a dialog box with 2 buttons
    MsgBox(0,"", "the clicking button has been clicked",2)
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Yeah, but when AutoIt goes GUI it will be like post-moon NASA


We've been like post-moon NASA (Man, you remembered :evil: ) for the last year: Spending a decade developing the next big tool (V3 or space shuttle). Now we just have to avoid Challenger and Columbia problems :lmao: (frozen seal causing explosion, heat-shield fracture causing wing meltdown, authoritarian management ignoring engineers :whistle:)

Let's see that would correspond to: OS freeze that blows up AutoIt (Micro$oft controls this B) ), very little error checking that allows a cascading failure, and Uhh... nanh, Jon would not get that bad, would he? :P(I still like my coding style better) :angry:

But yes, the GUI is a very nice touch.

David Nuttall
Nuttall Computer Consulting

An Aquarius born during the Age of Aquarius

AutoIt allows me to re-invent the wheel so much faster.

I'm off to write a wizard, a wonderful wizard of odd...

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