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Get a letter from Skype Chat Window?

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Hi everyone,
I'm giving my friends control of an RC Car in kind of a janky way.  Basically they send me a "w, a, s, d" to control the movement of the car while talking in Skype (version, and I can successfully send the character through HyperTerminal to my Microcontroller.
I'm using Windows Vista (x64 bit). Here is the code I've tried out modified from >this forum post, just to see if I can even send text:

#include "Skype.au3"
While 1
   Global $aChat = _Skype_ChatGetAll()
   For $iChat = 0 To UBound($aChat) -1
       $oChat = $aChat[$iChat]
       If _Skype_ChatGetName($oChat) = "" Then ExitLoop ;we've found the chat name
   _Skype_ChatSendMessage($oChat, "test") ;send test to the chat

This works, but I'm trying _Skype_ChatGetMessages($oChat) with no luck...  I have previously tried using the "Control Viewer" program, but unfortunately Skype doesn't seem to like the commands.  That is, the following command doesn't show anything with the tooltip or msgbox:

$var = ControlGetText("[CLASS:tSkMainForm; Title:Skype™ - UserName]", "", "[CLASS:TChatEntryControl; INSTANCE:1]")

What I'm trying to do is: Save the 1st character my friend sends me in a given line from the chat window into a variable.

Thanks in advance.

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