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By searching the v3 Support forum for 'mac'. There are at least two threads offering two different solutions.

Edit: I might as well make this thread useful for the people who do search but then come across this thread. Here are two links that came up on the first page of search results:

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;)..Well..you've made it useful for me anyway..Searched for "mac" and nothing relevant came up..Was about to start bitching about why people think they're demi-gods just because they have +800 posts mostly from the Chat forum, and post useless replies just to annoy the "newbies", as opposed to actually helping them..Not gonna do that now..

[quote]Together we might liveDivided we must fall[/quote]

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Searched for "mac" and nothing relevant came up..

Here's the thing: I searched for 'mac' and found relevant results on the first page. I doubt that we'd receive different results to eachother if we both perform the same search.

P.S. Check my profile if you like. Please don't suggest that I spend most of my time posting in the Chat forum or just posting meaningless drivel for the sake of increasing my post count.

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