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Search Memory for String

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So I might be onto a neat method for interfacing with applications that do not properly pipe the output through stdout, like Telnet. The only program that I can think of, where I could easily search through process memory for a string was CheatEngine.

*Please note that I am not referring to game automation, but one of my PowerTelnet scripts to add features to the Telnet interface. I often use my script for server backups, using simple commands like "::Backup" to carry out a series of complex tasks and create custom logs. See >here.

Anywho, my initial thought was... "Why couldn't we read the memory of the application and grab the output, since the stdout isn't working?" Using CheatEngine, I was able to grab the text by doing a string search and finding the address and then browsing that memory region. Messing with memory is a pretty weak area for me, so I'm just asking a few questions to get me on the right track. If I get something workable, I'll polish it and release a UDF for Telnet.

Is it possible to use NomadMemory to accomplish this task? -I've never used it. I'm looking over it, now.

The memory regions seems to be entirely different with each console update, I guess I'd need to re-search each time for the new addresses?

I searched for a few hours last night, before alost giving up on this, again. I kinda revisit the issue of communicating with Telnet every so often, as my current method is awful.

Edit: Alright... So I see why this hasn't already been done. For one, the amount of garbage collected with a string dump from process memory is exceedingly annoying. Two, a delimiter doesn't always exist to specify when console text begins and ends, so all strings are equal. ;P

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