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Check Ip if it's listed

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Hello, i would like to make autoit to check ip if it is on database or not, i have created php script which submits my ip to database, and if it's listed write "Listed" ip checking url: bandymas.freesubdomain.org

Now wondering how i can make autoit to do those commands:


If ip is listed then restart computer, and if it's not listed, then go to example http://google.com

Tried this, but does not work...


$oHTTP = ObjCreate("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1")
$oHTTP.Open("GET", "http://bandymas.freesubdomain.org/", False)
$oHTTP.SetRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")
$oReceived = $oHTTP.ResponseText
$oStatusCode = $oHTTP.Status


if $oReceived = ' Listed' Then
    Run('"C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe" -f -s -t 1')

any ideas? Thanks!

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