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Easy way to capture anything sent to a com port?

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i have an app that sends out some text to the com port (it drives a simple display installed at the com port).

I would like to caputure this output, so that i can show the text inside my autoit script.

Is there way to do this, maybe similar to StdoutRead or StderrRead ?

All ideas are welcome, thanks in advance!



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Did you try a forum search? One of the first things that would have popped up would be the Serial/COM UDF in the Examples forum

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yeah, i found a lot of udfs, but all of them are made to read input or write output...

I want to read what another program sends out...so i think i need to somehow "spy" on what is going on at the com port.

maybe this will work


with this i can create a virtual comport and redirect its output to the input of a second virtual port...from there i should be able to read the output with an udf...

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ok, i tried com0com and it works just fine...only thing that is not so nice: you have to disable codesignung in win64 to use the com0com driver (this is normal for most free unsigned x64 drivers)...

I can live with that...

Now i only have to read a normal com port...i think i will be able to do this in autoit...we will see :-)

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