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Control Class/ClassNN elaboration

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Hello again!

I read around a bit because I was unsure whats the difference between these two. I use ClassNN mostly because I started to use it at the beginning.

I found the documentation of the Controls here, but unfourtunetly the following description didn't really helped:

  • CLASS - The internal control classname such as "Edit" or "Button"
  • CLASSNN - The ClassnameNN value as used in previous versions of AutoIt, such as "Edit1"


According to the examples I concluded that CLASS dosen't require a number for the control, but its added right after in the INSTANCES claus while CLASSNN do this in a single step. Also CLASSNN seems to be basicly completly forgetable if I examine the 3. example.

So I bit of explanetion would be nice, if someone would be so gracius (or If you are just bored, works for me too :) )

Thank you for the help!

(hope this is the forum where I should post this)

Edit: I can't make myself to correct explanetion


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