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how to control click 4 next buttons in a row


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i am trying to automatically install some software

but halfway through the install i need to click 4 next button in a row but they all have the same title text and button id

how can i make sure the buttons are clicked i tried to use sleep in between the control click which worked if they are all set to 2000 but i wanted to steamline the install if possible.

i tried to write a function to click the check the results and if it failed wait 500 then run the function again which i now know is a bad idea

would a do loop work?

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An easy way would be to send the alt key of the next button, if there is one. If it's "N", you can just use the commands

for $i = 1 to 4




To find out what it is, bring up the button and press the alt key, if a character is underlined, that's the alt key.

Good luck!

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This is where [Class: Instance] can probably come into play. Even if its the same button the Instance counter goes up.

But you can click the button using the ID you just need the proper Wait, so for that if you can find text on the window, or last resort use sleep()

Could you post a screenshot of what you get with the AutoIT WindowInfo tool for a couple of the buttons?

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