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Script Run at :-)

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This script will start your script when and how often you want :-)



;By JC aka JoeCool

;email n4538w7337@yahoo.com



;There 2 ways to start it, it can be called either with parameters

;or an ini file with parameters (much fun if you drag and

;drop an ini file onto .au3 ) ;-)



;scriptRunAt timestart script [scriptparam [repeat repeatincr]]

;scriptRunAt param.ini



;timestart yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss

;script full path to the script to start

;scriptparam optionnal string pass to the script

;repeat 0 = continuously, 1 = one time 20 = 20 times ...

;repeatincr yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss

; 0000/00/00 00:01:00 script will run each minute ...



Following is the main script _scriptRunAt.au3

one ini file example _scriptDummy.ini

currently name _scriptDummy.txt you will have to change the extention

I wasn't able to load it with the ini extention ....

and a dummy script _scriptDummy.au3

have fun





Edited by JoeCool
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@JoeCool, nice script. It would be nice to have an interface to add into a scheduler.

Everyone want a GUI interface.

It has an interface :-) if you put your mouse over the icon in the task bar you will see a tips line.

Name of the script and when it will run the next time :-)

For that kind of Chron job it's enough for me :-)

But feel free to add one :-)

your right

i just happen to dislike scripts without gui, cause i want to see something

Yeah alot of people got confused by the form of something instead of thinking about the function of the thing.

In your case of course nothing force you to use myscript :-) ... And you can allways write yourself a nice big fat GUI for doing whatever you want B)

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