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Original name...http://www.ccleaner.com/

:P Good job anyhow I suppose. Maybe you should add options for deleting cookies for IE, Firefox, and Opera?

that doesnt delete files with 0 bytes... just deletes registry in witch you chose.... like files in the temp folder, cookies for IE, ect. ect.

nice script man, i'm sure this will come in handy ;) hehehe

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the name "CCleaner" means a cleaner for your computers C drive, it isnt called crap cleaner.... so your safe there

Um... did you really visit that website? The actual full name of the program is Crap Cleaner, it says so right in the title and the features page. I suspect the abbreviated CCleaner is used to avoid displaying the word "crap" in many obvious locations on your computer, for those who need it to be that way for one reason or another.

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what it does:

Finds and deletes useless files

searches in your computer for:

- files and folders with a size of 0 bytes

- shortcuts without an existing target file

additionally it deleates them if requested

requires latest beta B)


I am working on a similar script myself except I want to delete temporary files and some other junk as well. I have not tested your script yet and I wondering what the typical run time for your script is. The main problem i am running into in my own script is time. It takes forever to search though every file on a system(which I assume yours does to find 0 byte files). I am trying to get around that by excluding certain areas from the search. I was just curious to know if you have had similar problems.

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I tried your script... But it says Initializing...This may take a few 'seconds'. After at least a minute of waiting I exit and it says error in expression 'DirGetSize'. I have the latest beta. What's wrong?

Edit: Nevermind! Good job on the script.

Current files scanned: 26,537

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