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How to write DLL's for AutoIt

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I've got a following problem.

I have to write a DLL, which will be launched by autoIt. I've trird to do it, but failed - it doesn't work.

It doesn't work namely with autoIt, becourse I've launched it succesfully by another program.

DLL is written in Fortran language and compiled in Compaq Visual Fortran.

May be, I have to use some specific compiling options?

Even simplest code doesn't work.

This is example of Fortran code, I've tried:



implicit none

character*(4) x, y

X = "vtre"

Y = "lhju"



And I've tried to launch such simple dll with following autoit script:

$file = "G:\write.dat"

DIM $a, $b

$result = DllCall ( @ScriptDir & "\dll_test.dll", "int", "SUBA" , "str", $a, "str", $b )

MsgBox ( 0, "report", @error & @CRLF & 'result= ' & $result[2] )

FileWriteLine ( $file, $result[1] )

Records in file, as well as in messagebox are spurious.


May be, somebody could advice something?

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