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Using Autoit to call a .MSP is just not working

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Hello all, I seem to have hit a roadblock and cant seem to get around it.

i started using Auto it to well.... automate the long tedious parts of my two man Army Helpdesk.

here is what im trying to do.

what i want to do with with script is automate the entire install and update process of installing adobe acrobat and its pletera of updates. setting the script for installed adobe acrobat was mostly simple. im stuck at getting it to run the updates which are a .MSP

idealy i would like to make my script produce a msgbox that asks me or the installer if we want to continue on and install updates/ if yes is selected it will either continue on with the script, or Call a different script entirely. not sure if thats possible.

i have tried putting the script in the same directory as the msp, ive tried creating a .bat file with the sole purpose of silently running the .bat. ive only been able to get it to work once with this method.

ive tried: (pound)RequireAdmin

Run(@ScriptDir & 'AcroProStdUpd910_T1T2_incr.msp')

Run(@ScriptDir & 'call1.bat') -> this method worked once. never again.

If i just execute the .bat it launches the .msp fine. i try to run the bat from auto it it runs the .bat but then gets stuck and leaves the command windows up.

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It needs to be Run(@ScriptDir & '\AcroProdStdUpd910_T1T2_incr.msp'). You're missing a \

Edit: same mistake with running the bat file, should be @‌ScriptDir & "\call1.bat"

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