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Creating a VLC Plugin/Extension with Lua, for Communicating between VLC and AutoIt

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When reading about "Lua" in Wikipedia, I found out that VLC supports scripting via Lua Plugins/Extensions.

I thought that it can be really useful for scripting in AutoIt,

since the Lua code can access many variables regarding the currently running movie, etc,

and can also perform operations like display text OSD, and more.


My question:

Does anyone know of a "Hello World" example of such a Lua pluginq/extension, in VLC?


It will enable to get started with it..


Thank you

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Hi JLogan3o13


Thank you for the reference to that file.

I actually saw it several days ago, and kept a link for it, since it provides a reference for the available functions.

However it does not contain event the smallest example to "taste" the story, and to test that it works..


So that's what I am looking for..

A complete, yet minimalistic example, to run on my VLC..



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