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Devcon to check USB device

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Im starting to use Autoit recently and, im still learning to make my scripts using some examples and reading alot from this forum.

But, sometimes I get "stuck" with some things that generally are newbie related issues... :)

Said that, I need help to convert this batch file into Autoit script, if someone could help me out, i would appreciate it.


FOR /F "tokens=2 delims=:()" %%A IN ('DEVCON find * ^| FIND /I "Logitech"') DO SET LT=%%A
) ELSE (
    ECHO  No Logitech Keyboard driver installed


Basically I need to check if USB keyboard, named "Logitech" its connected to PC.





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Did you try a forum search before posting? A simple search of Devcon shows almost 300 posts on the subject.

​Yes, i did had searched the last few days for devcon related sources, while the forum, i believe had some kind of issues, because sometimes ot was not possible to see plain text...

I understand your point, and i know that sometimes people are lazy to search before ask for help in forums.

Im asking for help for this devcon issue, because i already spent some days trying to figure out how to get my script working...

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