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Advanced Search options seem to be swapped

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Upon trying Advanced Search for the umpteenth time after the upgrade, it dawned on me that the main two options seem to be swapped.

Searching of SciTE in All Content brought up only posts where SciTE was in the title.  Correspondingly, for Topics, SciTE was never in the title.

Or does "Topics" not equal "In Title" in this new forum?




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Thanks, Jon.  I'll accept that as the definitive statement on the current situation ... and the things I've tried in the past couple hours certainly confirm it. 

But my utter disbelief of the "backslide effect" led me to investigate the situation at the source ... the IPS support forum.  I found this very telling thread:


Reading between the lines, it looks like the developers made massive changes to their product and didn't have time to fill out the feature set.  But, thankfully, the omission of appropriate Advanced Search features hasn't gone unnoticed.  Hopefully, you've put a word or two in their suggestion box. 

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