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Getting Information from a running Application

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Hello I would like to know how to get information from a running application.

There is a table for example with lots of information in it and I want extract the information so I can do s.th. with it.

My first thought was about to make a screenshot and then use ocr software to transform the image to text.

But is there not a simpler way for example to get the information from the table directly?


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Hi chees0r

what is the application you are referring to?

Usually, roughly, you should:
attach the target application to your script by using WinWait(...) for example
and then get content from the control by using ControlGetText(...)
The "AutoIt Window Info" utility can be of help to get useful info about your target application to be used within above 2 functions

If your data is in a table within an InternetExplorer browser instead, then is very easy extract data from the table by using some of the _IE* functions

small minds discuss people average minds discuss events great minds discuss ideas.... and use AutoIt....

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