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Link.Click AutoIT VS Javascript or VBA

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Well yeah, Im new to AutoIt and I got promising leads as to how to solve my IE Automation problems already.

Currently, I am in the process of IE Automation where a button press in a parent doc (which is a frame) loads a web dialog popup (another frame) with a dynamic table view. In the data displayed, I need to click a link which looks like this:

<a class="tableLink" onclick="return doSelect("arg1", "arg1", "arg1", "arg1", "arg1", "arg1", "contentFrame","");" href="https://www.someSiteHere.com#">

I am doing the automation using Excel VBA and link.click doesn't work there (but actual clicking with a mouse does). I wanted to do that with autoIt here to see if my results will differ. So my question before proceeding is, will I be just wasting my time because it still won't work as with javascript and vba? Does Link.Click behave exactly the same with Javascript or VBA? Thanks for all who'll take time to answer.

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