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Chrome au3 doesn't work?

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Hello, I am trying to switch over to automating Chrome, IE just isn't stable (sometimes working sometimes error).


I downloaded the Chrome.au3 Version 0.5 and having no problems scripting it to open a url. My problem is clicking the button in that URL. _ChromeInputClickByName() doesn't click anything.


Here's my code:

Func InitialScript()
   Local $try = _ChromeStartup("","C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe")  
   $response = _ChromeInputClickByName("TheButton",0,3)


It navigates to the url but it doesn't click the button there, no errors, just ends the script. The button's type is definitely a "Button" and not something else. Is this thing supposed to work still? 


Things I noticed, dragging the extension to Chrome Extensions doesn't seem to work right. Clicking the "Allow access to URL" checkbox it disappears. Also I noticed the extension was forced uncheck by Chrome since it was not an extension from the store so it's not recognized. After a couple of removing/reinstalling It is there in my Chrome Extension again but still the clicking of the button doesn't work.



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Yeah I tried the sample provided and after running, I get this error (Attached)




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