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How to get text from Authentication window in Browsers

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To fill Authentication Pop-up, i want get server name displayed in the Authentication Pop-up. So that I can determine which user name and password I have to use. Please guide how to get Highlighted text in the attached image.

I tried with below statements but it did not work.

ControlGetText ( "Authentication Required", "", "[INSTANCE:1]")\

WinGetText ( "Authentication Required")

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Please read the forum rules.

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I was not aware the rules. Today only I started to use AutoIT, all the google searches lead to this forum. So I asked the question here. Thank you

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You should use AU3Inf (spy for the screen, part of AutoIT) to see if you can read the data of the screen

If not try simplespy and check iuiautomation in examples section

@TheDCoder: Not sure why you refer to forumrules. Its not about bypassing the logon box just identifying which server so right credentials can be given

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