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Problem with "waiting loop"

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Hello everybody !

I discover AutoIt this day, and have tried some samples and my own tests for my need.

My case :

I have a Flash animation to launch.

In some cases, this animation launch an external wma player via FSCommand

When this player (media player classic) is launched, it take focus, so my animation lost the focus, and key pad navigation is out.

So I have tried to build a script to make the following things :

1. hide trayIcon AutoIt

2. Launch Loader.exe (swf stand-alone executable)

3. Create a loop who wait and test if "Media Player Classic" is launched. if it's case, pass the focus to the Flash animation.

4. If animation is closed, test if "Media Player Classic" is launched. If it's case, close it, and

5. Close AutoIt3.exe process (shown in task manager)

here is my script :


; var to exit
Dim $exit = 0

; run main application

; wait for running
WinWaitActive("Macromedia Flash Player 7")

; set the loop
While $exit < 1
    If WinWaitClose( "Macromedia Flash Player 7" ) = 1 Then
        MsgBox( 0, 'test', 'test 1' )
        $exit = 1

    winWaitActive( "Media Player Classic" )
;WinSetOnTop( "Macromedia Flash Player 7", "", 1)
    WinActivate( "Macromedia Flash Player 7" )


If WinExists( "Media Player Classic" ) = 1 Then
    WinClose( "Media Player Classic" )
    WinWaitClose( "Media Player Classic" )
    MsgBox( 0, 'exit', 'exit...' )
    MsgBox( 0, 'exit without mpc close', 'exit without mpc close;)' )

So I want to construct a loop which stop if main animation is closed.

My problems are :

1. The WinActivate function plays only one time

2. If the $exit variable is set to 1, code after the loop is executed only if Media Player Classic is launched

3. The AutoIt3.exe process isn't killed after closing the animation

If anyone have some suggestions about my script, or alternative solutions, I'm waiting for...

Thanks in advance for any answer ;)


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Ok, it was a misunderstanding of the winWait*** methods...

I have now understand that theses methods stop all other process and wait for an event. So I have rewrited my script and it's really simple to do it :

replace main loop by this code :

Dim $animationTitle = "Macromedia Flash Player 7"

While $exit < 1

    if WinWaitNotActive( $animationTitle ) = 1 Then
        if WinExists( $animationTitle ) Then
            WinActivate( $animationTitle )
            $exit = 1


and all work.

mplayerc.exe seems to close automatically when Flash player is closed, without pass in the final if statement. I don't know why, but this is good for me ;)

If anyone find a mistake or know an optimisation, I listen :P

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If anyone find a mistake or know an optimisation, I listen ;)

LxP posted a good one in this thread:


Following that example:

Dim $animationTitle = "Macromedia Flash Player 7"

While WinExists($animationTitle)

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