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Ran into another issue with the nonsense I'm working on... I've got a control that I want to reference by name, and I haven't been able to find anything on here on how to do that... I did see a post from a few years back stating that AutoIt isn't compatible with the Name value for controls, but no further info so I wanted to doublecheck. 

Here's what I'm looking at - 


The control referenced (FillDate), right now, is Instance 8. I'm trying to get a MsgBox to pop when an error image/control item shows up in the same window. When ErrorImage exists, it's instance 7. When it doesn't exist, FillDate is instance 7.

I'm trying to get an If statement that, in layman's terms, says - IF Name(Instance8) = uxFillDateBetween THEN etc. Is there a function I can reference here? I've tried the WinAPI Classname functions, but the classname changes items as well.

I've got a few other ideas if this isn't possible, but I figured I'd check it out here first.

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