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Mark van Zon

N to have a message with pigture

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Mark van Zon

See subject... I have a message where u can click ok and i want to have this counter in (online counter)

<IMG src="http://counters.freewebs.com/Members/Counters/counter.jsp?userid=10193798&name=Counter">

Can someone give me the code to have this in a message

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Mark van Zon

why do you need an online-counter can't you just do your own?

maybe via ini-file that may look like this:

donno if this helps you

Other ppl have to use it too.....And i want to count how much ppl use it.....

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is whatever you are doing just an online-thing or are the people in your network?

network: the ini-file is fine just stored it on a pc working as server for all the others

online: try this 1

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
; Simple example: Embedding an Internet Explorer Object inside an AutoIt GUI
; The full example is available in the test\ActiveX directory (TestXInternet.au3)
; See also: http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/browser/webbrowser/reference/objects/internetexplorer.asp

$oIE = ObjCreate("Shell.Explorer.2")

; Create a simple GUI for our output
GUICreate ( "Embedded Web control Test", 640, 580,(@DesktopWidth-640)/2, (@DesktopHeight-580)/2 , $WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW + $WS_VISIBLE + $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS)
$GUIActiveX      = GUICtrlCreateObj   ( $oIE,     10, 40 , 600 , 360 )
$GUI_Button_Stop    = GuiCtrlCreateButton   ("Stop",    330, 420, 100,  30)

GUISetState ()    ;Show GUI


; Waiting for user to close the window
While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
        Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
        Case $msg = $GUI_Button_Stop

GUIDelete ()

don't know if it works but i'm gonna try this

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