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SQLite Embedded Database functionality in AutoIT

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Do you developers agree on this ?

See here for the Semi Embedded solution. and background information.


Thanks again to @SvenP (groetjes) for bringing the COM functionality, making this possible.

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Thanks for your feedback.

See my reply which is also in the Script & Scraps post.

But I should have added it here because it is more a question of technical matters than about scripts.

I understand your approach that integrating it in the distribution would be a little too much.

But did you look at it from all the perspectives ?

How can a less than 200 K large dll, be of any overhead.

It contains +/- 15 additional functions.

By the way did bother to have a look at thoose functions ? http://republika.pl/roed/litex/

This would expose all the native SQL, features from within the AutoIt.

Reasons to include it are:

When the SQL(ite) is natively included it would not have to do any compromises on SPEED, when running Queries. Which is always the case with COM and ODBC.

Less coding is needed in the script, No COM or ODBC connection settings have to be specified in the script.

This means less CreateObj statements and variables to reach COM objects.

More readable and less complex to write any scripts for SQL database connectivity.

etc ...

From a technical and user friendly point of view, there are a lot of pro's, to go for a native support of SQLite.

But I will leave it to the developers and the database users, to vote for, or against the native SQL(ite).

As you indicated, including this through the addin or plugin, might be a good compromise.

Anyhow I can't estimate what the effects are on speed, and other technical consequenses.

The only thing which is clear is that a lot of users would appreciate having SQL and Database support available.


Who is willing to write a plugin ? This is beyond my knowledge anyhow.

Incorporating the SQLite code is (I think, but I am not an expert) is much easier,

from a developer point of view. Because the source code is already there to pick up.

A plugin has to be written from scratch.

Feedback form the developers would be appreciated.

Let's hear your votes !!

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This is a possible scenario to marry AutoIT and SQLite

First AutoIT starts to like SQLite :graduated:

At this stage the current Dll a have used in my example could be distributed together with AutoIT.

This is the fastest way to link AutoIT to SQLite.

I can assist in this explaining users how to use it.

Than AutoIT and SQLite gets together B)

When there is more time available an AutoIT DLL could be written to get more close together.

And not being dependend on some external DLL wrapper. like a plug in for AutoIT for instance.

In the AutoIT help documentation SQLite is incorporated.

Second advantage is that at the moment the DLL wrapper, does not follow the same development pace as SQLite does. Example the wrapper DLL I used is version 3.1.5 and at the moment SQLite is at version Version 3.2.7 Sep 2005.

Finally there is a mariage :o

A more native solution could be evaluated

And they live happely ever after !!

I am willing to help in any way I can like providing examoles to include in the help file.

Testng the PlugIn or more native solutions. Or any other way, you think I can help.

Have a look at the discussions going on so far.


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Who is willing to write a plugin ? This is beyond my knowledge anyhow.

Who is willing to write native functions?

if you want them, you have to write them...

when i nedded md5 i fixed me up a md5.dll using powerbasic.

This was my first powerbasic projekt, so i had to learn it.

I dont want to learn C (Hey I use autoit for coding)

and if you want sqlite support you have to find your way.

no offense, but thats reality...

(as everybody kan probably see, i havent been using english for some time, sorry about that...)

CoProc Multi Process Helper libraryTrashBin.nfshost.com store your AutoIt related files here!AutoIt User Map
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/soap box

Sorry to sound rude. Why are we re-inventing the wheel? If somebody else has already written a good implementation of SQL database functionality, why do it all again, and take on the bug support and feature enhancement effort here? Have I misunderstood something?

I'd rather sacrifice a little amount of speed to get good maintainability. Other than the wedding plan, exactly why is it such a good idea to burden us with doubling the size of an executable so that we can have some functionality that we may never need? You would possibly find in the real world that most people using SQL functionality would not be coding it in AutoIT for anything that needs speed and agility.

Isn't good programming procedure all about harnessing and standing on the shoulders of the good efforts of others that have gone before, rather than always pig-headedly going your own way?

soap box/

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"powerbasic" Mmmm. Never heard of it, but I might have a look.


If I read your feedback. It' sounds clear that you never went near to visisting the SQLite website.

So please join the real world !! SQLite is already adopted in more than 30 languages.

I think you fail to so the power of it.

Anyhow both thanks for the feedback

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