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Is it possible to receive Macro from AutoItX

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Try the _GetIP() function in Inet.au3 which is one of the bundled UDFs with AutoIT.



; Function Name: _GetIP()

; Description: Get public IP address of a network/computer.

; Parameter(s): None

; Requirement(s): Internet access.

; Return Value(s): On Success - Returns the public IP Address

; On Failure - -1 and sets @ERROR = 1

; Author(s): Larry/Ezzetabi & Jarvis Stubblefield



Is this what you need?

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Many thanks for you Answer.

I think that I was not very clear. I wanted to know if it is possible, with AutoItX ( the COM version ) to use the "@...." Macros which exist

in the standard ( the EXE version) of AutoIt.

Th @IPADDRESS was an exemple the main thing is :

How can I take a lok at these Macros from the COM version.



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