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How to loop thro all combinations

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I'm planning to write a small application like "Burn for the Brim" for my own with AutoIt without all the features I don't need.

For all who don't know the program it's filling a medium (CD/DVD) optimally with your files. It circles thru all possibilities and gives the best (or one of them) solution to you.

To work with this problem two arrays are made. Array 1 with the filename and array two with the filesize.

Array 1, Array 2

File1, 200 MB

File2, 300 MB

File3, 500 MB

There are 6 different combinations possible:

1 2 3

1 3 2

2 1 3

2 3 1

3 2 1

3 1 2

For a medium with 700 MB the solution 1 3 is the best, it fills the CD optimally.

My problem is now that I don't have a good idea how to program an algorithm that loops all possible solutions with x files.

Can anybody give me a hint how I can solve this problem?



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Sounds like a job for a nested For loop.

Also, it would help if you sort your arrays by filesize.

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Hi Vegeta:

There is also the other poss.:




1 + 2

1 + 3

2 + 3

I think this is a non-trivial algorithm to do elegantly.


If I am too verbose, just say so. You don't need to run on and on.

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