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Automatically Run Script on Windows Start

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Every day, I have to open Autoit, run script, select script, enter.....every single day...

Is there a way that can do this for me automatically without me having to do anything?

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Not sure what your problem is.

Compile as an EXE, place it in the Startup folder and it will run on boot...

Put a Sleep() at the top, to avoid clashing with the actual boot procedure, so when the boot is complete, your script will run.

On Windows 8+ go press the Windows key+R then type shell:startup, it should open the Startup folder.



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FileCreateShortcut(@ScriptFullPath, @StartupDir &"\Script.lnk")


You can also use @StartupCommonDir......but in win7 or win8 @StartupDir is best because no need to run as Administrator......

Copy and past this line in your Script.....or put in to any au3 file code that you want run at windows startup {Every time you start your operating system this will automatically run your specific file}.....
......Tested in win7......
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