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Hi everyone,

First let me say what a powerful tools AutoIt is. I have been looking for something like it for ages, and here it is (I just found last week).

OK, I have read the online documentation and try to make my script work... but I am a bit lost at what (and where) I should look for.

1) I have written a Java program and it will pop up a "save as" window with the path (in a textfield) of where the file should be saved. On the AutoIt Window Info (>>> Visible Window Text <<<), I found the visible pathname, but I don't know how to change this.

2) I also try to mimic the action of selecting a certain printer drive (from the drop downbox) in the print dialog. From AutoIt Window Info (>>> Visible Window Text <<<), I got the &name of the printer I want to select, but I don't know how to select it.

Is there a function or variable that I can use for them?

Many thanks for your help.



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what do you want to do?

tell the prog to save your file somewhere else (you specified before), or do you just want to know where it is saved?

I want to change the "path" of where it is saving. The path is shown in a text field, I just don't know how to access and change that text field

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Welcome to the forums Tim!

Did you end up solving your problem? AutoIt Window Info will show a control ID and/or ClassNameNN value for the text field that contains the data when you place your mouse over it. You can then easily modify the value of that field using ControlSetText():

ControlSetText('Open', '', 'TheControlID', 'New value')
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