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Get output of web-based php page

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I'm trying to get and save the results of a php webpage. The URL is:


where the date at the end will be configured by my script. In a browser this would result in a plain text page like this:

"Debbie","SMITH (Debbie)","Request Access: ","2015-05-31 17:29:47","2015-05-31 17:29:49","2015-05-31 19:10:57","301.8333333333333",""
"Eric,"JONES (Eric)","End Access: ","2015-05-31 18:16:00","2015-05-31 18:16:02","2015-05-31 18:44:12","46.86666666666667",""   and so on.

I've tried InetGet() and InetRead() with no luck. I think it's the fact that the page is generated by the php file. Any suggestions or guidance would be gratefully accepted.


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