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problems with auto it script half working

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This is my first time posting here. I am new to the auto it game and I was seeing if anyone can help me with this script. So what I am trying to do is be able to move my mouse and click on an image once it shows up. My problem is I was learning how to write script and my buddy finished it with out telling me and went on a 4 week vacation. So well thats fine but all I was given was in a note that said the its in 800x600 and thats it. Well I'm can't figure out if this is the client that needs to be set at that or windows or both. Well I can get it to run some what as admin but the problem is I have tried to run it in 800x600 on both and I can get the titles to show up as if the alt key was pressed but once the image shows up the mouse does something. So I'm not really sure what to do at his point on what I'm doing wrong


(I placed the imagedll in the c\windows and the image.au3 in the autoit\include folder and always run as admin)


#include <ImageSearch.au3>
Global $Paused
MsgBox(0,"starting","press ok")
Send("{Lalt down}")
While 1
$result = _ImageSearch("balloon.bmp",1,$x,$y,100)
If $result=1 Then
   Send("{Lalt down}")

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I don't know what the ImageSearch.au3 does exactly, but given that you see the lalt keypress happen, the code does reach that point. So after that it should wait a short time, then mousemove to certain coordinates (which depend on how the _ImageShow function works). Then it should click three times wherever it moved to, then sleep for 3 seconds and move to 200,200.

If it does the keypress but nothing happens with the mouse (which I assume you meant by "the mouse does something"), you may be trying to automate an application that disables mouse automation. Some applications do that, especially applications with a fully proprietary gui. What are you automating? There's often better ways to reach an automation goal than to rely on image searching and mouse automation. Unless it's a game, in which case it's not an allowed topic on this forum.

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image search and pixel search are very popular for automating web browser games. so i think this is for game automation.

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ill get to that... i still need to learn and understand a lot of codes graduated.gif

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