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ROT 256 - encryption, decryption

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i was bored so i made a ROT-256 encryption/decryption

don't know if anyone already made 1


if you want to use it, do it on your own risk!

anyway, here's the code

$a = InputBox ("Test", "Text eingeben")
$b = rot_256 ($a)
msgbox (0, $a, $b)

func rot_256($string)
    $letter = StringSplit ($string, "")
    $max = $letter[0] + 1
    dim $output[$max]
    dim $convert[$max]
    dim $rot_256 = ""
    for $i = 1 to $letter[0] step 1
        $convert[$i] = Asc($letter[$i])
        if $convert[$i] > -1 and $convert[$i] < 128 Then
            $convert[$i] = $convert[$i] + 128
            $output[$i] = Chr($convert[$i])
        ElseIf $convert[$i] > 127 and $convert[$i] < 256 Then
            $convert[$i] = $convert[$i] - 128
            $output[$i] = Chr($convert[$i])
        $rot_256 = $rot_256 & $output[$i]
    return $rot_256

added a little testthingy


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Was bored too so i wrote a decrypt script and modified the encript one, now it writes the output to a file (the decrypt one does that too)^^

The files are here: http://www.autoitscript.com/fileman/users/tdlrali/Some_random_stuff/

Definately not safe, all I had to do to decrypt is change two (2^^) signs:

+ -> - / - -> +

Still kind of fun since it looks cool!

Felix N.

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