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ROT 256 - encryption, decryption

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i was bored so i made a ROT-256 encryption/decryption

don't know if anyone already made 1


if you want to use it, do it on your own risk!

anyway, here's the code

$a = InputBox ("Test", "Text eingeben")
$b = rot_256 ($a)
msgbox (0, $a, $b)

func rot_256($string)
    $letter = StringSplit ($string, "")
    $max = $letter[0] + 1
    dim $output[$max]
    dim $convert[$max]
    dim $rot_256 = ""
    for $i = 1 to $letter[0] step 1
        $convert[$i] = Asc($letter[$i])
        if $convert[$i] > -1 and $convert[$i] < 128 Then
            $convert[$i] = $convert[$i] + 128
            $output[$i] = Chr($convert[$i])
        ElseIf $convert[$i] > 127 and $convert[$i] < 256 Then
            $convert[$i] = $convert[$i] - 128
            $output[$i] = Chr($convert[$i])
        $rot_256 = $rot_256 & $output[$i]
    return $rot_256

added a little testthingy


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oooops actually its rot 128

just had some problems thinking about the name

thought well 256 chars gotta be 256, but its 128

sry bout that

So are you going to make a *safe* version?? :o

Cheers.. B)

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Was bored too so i wrote a decrypt script and modified the encript one, now it writes the output to a file (the decrypt one does that too)^^

The files are here: http://www.autoitscript.com/fileman/users/tdlrali/Some_random_stuff/

Definately not safe, all I had to do to decrypt is change two (2^^) signs:

+ -> - / - -> +

Still kind of fun since it looks cool!

Felix N.

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